Traditional Shetland Blocking/Dressing

“Dressing hosiery”

The Shetland Museum and Archives has textile photo archive available. I think this particular photo is interesting because it shows sweaters (jumpers!) being blocked (dressed!) on wooden forms and I kind of wish I had a few. I wonder when these fell out of use (or have they?) and whether or not making modern versions would be a good business idea – surely someone has already considered it. Also, the shawl being blocked is pretty incredible, so fine that you can see the woman standing behind it.


Author: madgeface

I knit, crochet, spin, and have done some experimenting with weaving and natural dye. I’m also a technical writer, mom to 3 boys, and enjoy gardening.

11 thoughts on “Traditional Shetland Blocking/Dressing”

    1. They probably do, though I can imagine one made out of PVC pipe that could be taken apart for storage. I say imagine because I’m no engineer or carpenter or handy-person (in that way). But the more I think about it, the more do-able it seems. Maybe I’ll get Ky (Mr. madgeface) on it; he’s slightly more handy, but not by much.

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