The Week Feb 27-March 5

Last week’s goals with progress indicated:

The Green Wood final

  • Knit 2 more wedges of my Aranami shawl.I think I knit 4 more wedges.
  • Look at patterns for the next sweater, which will be cabled and in Stone Henge Fiber Mill’s Shepherd’s Wool Worsted – so squishy & bouncy!
    I looked several times and settled on making Michelle Wang’s Aspen with the following modifications, because the cables are worth changing the pattern to suit my needs: no pockets, no big cuffs (Michelle Wang really likes her folded over cuffs!), button holes higher, belt loops & belt a bit higher. I just need to buy the pattern, wind the yarn, and swatch!
  • Go to TKD twice.
    I went Wednesday and Thursday with my friend Julia, who gave me the kick in the butt to sign up with her – we started roller derby together and everything’s always better with a buddy. The next testing period will be in April and we’re going to test for our yellow and orange belts at the same time since the forms are so similar and we have so much time to get them down. I already feel like I know the form for yellow.

This week:

  • Wear The Green Wood Cardigan and when I’m not wearing it, gaze lovingly/meditate on the greens and blues in the yoke.
  • Knit 5 more wedges of my Aranami shawl. I can easily make 1 a day, so setting a goal of 5 is not unreasonable.
  • Buy Aspen, read the pattern through, plan modifications.
  • Go to TKD twice.
  • Go to the PO and mail an order from the shop. Yup, just when I’ve given up on selling anything but patterns, I had a sale. And actually, I need to do this today.
  • My friend Suzi challenged me to a nature photo-off; take 1 picture of something nature-y a day and post it to FB. Of course I’m posting them to Instagram first and then sharing them, so I also plan to take 1 photo of something in the natural world each day to keep up with this. Below are the first few I took.
Itty bitty leaf buds on one of our Japanese maples.
lichen on a fallen branch
Lichen with moss on a fallen tree branch. It looks like a frilly fairy skirt (or cape!) spread out.

TBT: Finger/Toe Hats

What possessed me to make wee hats for my fingers/toes in Christmas colors back in 2008? I was knitting wee stockings and cardigans to give away as Christmas ornaments and decided I should try making some Santa & elf hats. The first one, the Santa hat, was too small, but fit quite nicely on my fingers. I decided to make 4 elf hats, draw faces (something I used to do on my then 4 year old’s fingers to keep him entertained), and take pictures. Why? Because it made me giggle, because I knew it was clever, and because it would make other people laugh. It still makes me laugh and I still have these hats in with the Christmas decorations. They’re kind of the opposite of fingerless mitts or toeless socks (yoga socks!).

 xmas Toes

While I was knitting …

It’s the HBO free preview week from my cable provider, so I spent much of the weekend finishing the sleeves on my cardigan and catching up with Game of Thrones using HBO on demand. I have Verizon FiOS, so if you do too, you might have free HBO too!

I thought I’d left off watching in the middle of season 5 but scenes from some of the later episodes were really familiar. I initially put this down to have read all but 1 of the published series; of course it seemed familiar, I’d read the book and inserted the actors into it instead of making up my own the way I usually do when I read. (You know, you get a sense of the character and sometimes when a book is made into a movie, the character on-screen doesn’t match what you have in your head or what the author describes on the page. One of the downfalls of book-to-movie movies.) But as I started watching season 6 I realized that no, I must’ve watched the whole of season 5 last year during the HBO freeview. Anyway, if you haven’t watched (or read!) Game of Thrones, yes, it’s as compelling as everyone says it is. IIRC, the book is a lot less sexy than the series but perhaps more violent. The plotting and scheming in both are fascinating and the main draw for me, along with some of the supernatural elements that pop up (ice zombies, magic, the old gods, and much more).

My husband and I also watched the latest The Walking Dead and, without spoiling it too much, I’m glad things are starting to look up. The beginning of this season was really hard to watch and it pushed my own personal limit on how much violence is too much. I’m still recovering from that – you can’t unsee these things – but I’m glad the show has moved  forward.

Because we continue to have spring-like weather (and I can’t post words words words with no pictures), here’s a picture of redbud (Cercis canadensis) buds from my back yard.

Naturally II

The Week Feb 21-26

Last week’s goals with progress indicated:

  • Finish 3 more sets of decreases on the arms for The Green Wood Cardigan (that’s knit 24 more rows) and measure to see if I need to knit more or can start the ribbing for the cuff. Not only did I do that, but I finished the sleeves altogether; on to seaming!
  • Make 2 more wedges in my Aranami shawl. Done.
  • Walk the dog once. (I was supposed to start walking him in December to help him strengthen muscles, which should help with his hip pain, but he’ll be 12 this year and we’re not in the habit of walking the dogs. I’ve been resisting starting because he’s terrible on the leash.) Done. We went too far though and his hips are really bothering him – he can’t get up stairs without help. Minimizing his stair use, upping one of his pain meds, and hoping for the best. Poor Moose.
  • Go to tae kwon do twice. (I don’t think I told you guys: I started tae kwon do. My husband is a black belt and my 3 boys are all 2nd degree black belts, and I finally started at the same school they go to after years of gentle pressure from the grand master. I feel great after I get there and class starts, it’s the getting there & before the start that I dread. I’m kind of a shut-in, as you may have surmised.) I went 4 times; a friend is doing it with me and her schedule was pretty open this week. Also, we tested and passed for our white belts on Friday. Hurray!

This week:

Because I’m really looking forward to spring thanks to the lovely warm weather we’ve been having, here’s a New Zealand fern to green up this President’s Day (aka Monday for non-US readers).