NaPoWriMo 18: Fabric


It’s not just the pattern and color, it’s the hand –
the feel of the fabric. I can tell just by rubbing fabric
whether or not it has polyester, cotton, silk, wool.
It’s the drape, too. That’s like the hand, but with gravity added –
how gracefully does it fold,
how does it move when it hangs,
how heavy is it.

Polyester was a miracle, just like nylon for pantyhose
before that they were silk. Imagine how that felt on your legs!
The chemical age brought a fabric revolution that’s still spinning out.

These days I prefer to work with wool, making my own fabric.
Measure twice, cut once, but you’re only cutting yarn with knitting.


Author: madgeface

I knit, crochet, spin, and have done some experimenting with weaving and natural dye. I’m also a technical writer, mom to 3 boys, and enjoy gardening.

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