Wordless Wednesday


LOL Friday: Cat Squad Goals

My apologies for skipping my usual posts for this week. Part of me thinks that so many posts a week is overwhelming for people following me (and sometimes for me) and part of me thinks that having a regular M-F schedule is a good thing. At any rate, it’s been a busy week!

Is anyone with me on this? If not tiny sweaters, perhaps:


Wordless Wednesday: Jeff & Eevee 


Lady Eevee


Jeff: King of the House, Ruler of the Dog Bed
Lily has no idea of what’s coming


Eevee Ingalls Wilder

Wordy (and Picturey) Wednesday

This is Jeffrey Lebowski, aka Jeff, aka Jeffalump, aka The Dude. Yesterday we had a close call; I noticed him trying (and failing) to go to the bathroom in unusual non-litterbox places, like a giant pot that we have hibiscus tree in that’s inside for the winter and a pile of packing papers that is the Kitty Playground corner of the dining room. I called the vet, they had a cancellation, and before I could say shazam (but with enough time to get dressed and brush my teeth) we were at the vet.

When Jeff emerged from his carrier, it was clear that he had peed a little bit en route; his plush cat pad, fleece blanket, and back leg were all streaked with a bloody liquid (obviously urine). He gave the vet a fantastic much larger sample on the exam table, which he hoovered up with 3 small blunt-ended syringes for testing. The good news: Jeff wasn’t blocked. The bad news: he could have bladder stones or larger crystals. After a thorough physical exam, an x-ray was in order.

Jeff at the vet
Post-x-ray Jeff in his carrier with a disposable pad. Note the hyper-curled unhappy tail and his ears: was was very unhappy at the turn of events.

More good news: the x-ray didn’t show any stones in his bladder. The doctor gave Jeff an antibiotic shot, an anti-inflammatory shot, an oral liquid narcotic to start giving him at home for 3 days, an anti-inflammatory to start today for 3 days, and some sample prescription food that will help reduce the formation of crystals in his bladder.

Poor Jeff.

We came home, I gave him the narcotic, and then we sat for most of the day, Facebooking and watching old movies on TCM and talking on the phone with my sister/cousin in Chicago to plan a spur of the moment trip here Thursday. Jeff gobbled down his dinner and successfully used the litter box and after another dose of narcotics, slept snuggled up with me all night. Usually he gets up before I do, but it was kind of funny to see my alarm startle him awake this morning.

Anyway … he’s feeling better this morning. He’s used the litter box a few more times, gobbled down his breakfast, took all his medicine, and then got frisky with Eevee (our other cat) and Lily, one of our dogs (the other is Moose).

Jeff n Lil
Jeff, feeling frisky

Lily very much wants to be accepted by the cats as one of their own and will let them “attack” her without retribution. Following the moment caught by this picture, she was startled and then just watched Jeff saunter away from her, perhaps a little mournfully because she would’ve loved to play.

So. Jeff took precedent over the reindeer gilding, which I promise I’ll finish and post about, right after I give the house a once-over & make the guest bed, go to my Wednesday knitting meet-up, grocery shop, and probably more. This week is suddenly as busy as Thanksgiving week was.


Halloween TBT + Cat Hats

Henry's Halloween tree.
Halloween Tree by Henry, May 2011

Much like Henry’s Halloween tree from May 2011 (yes, of all the trees he could have drawn for this spring assignment, he chose a Halloween tree), which has “bin here sense the last Second,” I give you Jeff and Eevee in their Halloween hats. These only count as throwbacks for throwback Thursday in the way that any photograph is a throwback to a few seconds (or minutes, hours, days, years) ago. Happy Thursday!


Jeff's mostly ready for Halloween - we just need a rainbow somewhere.
Jeffrey Lebowski, Uni-kitty
I think I broke Eevee (though she wriggled out of this a few seconds later). It's supposed to be a shark fin but looks more like a 3rd ear (and an elf ear, at that) - I may rip it out & try again. But for now, cue the Jaws music anyway.
Eevee, shark (or extra special cat with a third ear that looks borrowed from an elf – I may re-knit the shark fin)

Wordless Wednesday: Purr Edition

Eevee and Jeff
Evee, new cat trying to blend in with The Yarn Office, and Jeff, who’s spotted her.