TBT: Woman Knitting

I should say “Old woman knitting” but I’m feeling very age-sensitive myself so I’ll leave it as is. This image was sold on etsy from by shop in Brussels, so I suppose she’s probably an “Old Belgian woman knitting” but of course, we can’t be sure. “Old European woman knitting?” And what is she knitting? Is that a sock? Is this “Old European woman knitting a sock?” I suppose it could be a hat, but I get the impression that knit socks (or stockings!) were in more demand, they are, after all, likely to wear out much faster. This “Old European woman knitting a stocking” seems quite happy as well. Perhaps that’s the wisdom the knitter and photographer want to impart to us: knitting is the secret to happiness! A message I can live with.

Wordy Wordless Wednesday: Final Nature Photos

My friend Suzi and I were doing a nature photo challenge, taking a posting a photo (nearly) each day. On Sunday we decided that after 6 weeks, it was time to end it. So here’s the last in that series, though I know I’ll still be taking photos of the natural world and posting them.

I blinked & the lilacs budded & bloomed. They smell like ... well, like lilacs.
Spring escalated quickly: the apple tree is covered with buds & blossoms. #suzimandyphotochallenge #naturephotooff #naturephotography #naturephoto #naturemacro #flowermacro #flowerstagram #flowerslovers #flowersofinstagram #appleblossom #appletree
Apple blossoms
It's a natural two-fer: Mizz Eevee and the redbud! She'd love to make the screen between her and the bumblebees disappear ... alas. #suzimandyphotochallenge #naturephotooff #eeveecat #redbudtree #cerciscanadensis #cats_of_instagram #catstagram #catsofinst
Eevee & the Redbud.
She’d love to make the screen between her and the bumblebees disappear … alas.

The Week April 3-9, 2017

Last week’s goals with progress indicated:

      • Knit 1 or more wedge of Aranami.
        Nope. I didn’t pick it up at all.
      • Do the math to figure out the stitch count for the fronts & back of Aspen since I’m doing a shorter version. I have the vague idea that the cabling should start around where the belt loops (which I’m not doing according to pattern) go.
        Done, reluctantly and finally yesterday.
      • Go to TKD twice.
        Done! Testing for my yellow and orange belts this week like a superstar. Just need to learn how to count to 30 in Korean.
      • Add more pictures to Society 6 and let my FB people know.
        Done, except for the self-promotion; I hate tooting my own horn this way.
      • Decide yes/no on NaPoWriMo and yes/no on 100 day project (likely writing) since April is Saturday, the start day for both.
        Yes. But I didn’t start Saturday, or even Sunday, I’m starting today. And also, I’m making my own personal rules for NaPoWriMo; I get to edit and revise if I choose rather than writing a new poem each day while still keeping it interesting for readers (assuming I have some), which means not working on the same piece 983498372 days in a row.
      • Come up with a good (not completely awful and humiliating) April Fool’s joke to play on Ky & the boys. Or, alternately, rise above it/go into full denial and just call it April 1.
        I didn’t come up with a big benign prank and none were played on me if I only count people I know IRL. April Fools is my least favorite holiday.
      • Start a cat cave for Jeff (and later, one for Eevee) since he likes his improvised one so much:
        Done – the scant details are on Ravelry. They both like the cat cave and have attacked each other in it. Gotta make one for Eevee or make a proper mat/blanket for the cat tree Ky made.

Jeff wishes everyone a happy #Caturday from his new cat cave! #jeffreylebowski #catstagram #catsofworld #catsandyarn #catsofinstagram #catcave #cathouse #catyurt #catyurtsofinstagram

Next week:

    • Knit 1 or more wedge of Aranami.
    • Cast on the fronts of Aspen.
    • Go to TKD twice – once for practice, once for testing.
    • Learn to count in Korean from 11-30 (I already know 1-10).
    • Add more pictures to Society 6 and let my FB people know.
    • Replace the blog link in Instagram with a link to Socitey 6. And since I’m on the subject, replace etsy shop link in @madgeface twitter account with link to this.
    • Write or work on a poem a day. I’m going to be doing separate posts for this; my apologies if poetry isn’t your thing. I have no expectation that anyone will read the poems but rather am posting for personal accountability.