LOL Friday: Venn Diagrams

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Knitted Venn Diagram from Knitvana


LOL Friday: What Have I Been Doing This Week?

Thanks to our celebration of the Memorial Day holiday here in the US, I slacked on my blogging schedule. To be fair, the family we stayed with in New Zealand was in town, so we spent Monday cleaning and preparing a big meal for them, and then spent Tuesday in DC seeing the sights with them. It’s just been an odd week and I decided to take an impromptu blogging break. But I can’t miss LOL Friday, so here are some alternate explanations of what I’ve been doing this week.

LOL Friday: Knitting Is Everywhere


LOL Friday: MDS&W

This will be me to everyone at Maryland Sheep and Wool on Sunday:

Festival goers are knitting friends I haven’t met yet! Also: I feel like I need to make a sweater (and conquer intarsia) that says “KNITTAZ 4 LIFE.”


Halloween TBT + Cat Hats

Henry's Halloween tree.
Halloween Tree by Henry, May 2011

Much like Henry’s Halloween tree from May 2011 (yes, of all the trees he could have drawn for this spring assignment, he chose a Halloween tree), which has “bin here sense the last Second,” I give you Jeff and Eevee in their Halloween hats. These only count as throwbacks for throwback Thursday in the way that any photograph is a throwback to a few seconds (or minutes, hours, days, years) ago. Happy Thursday!


Jeff's mostly ready for Halloween - we just need a rainbow somewhere.
Jeffrey Lebowski, Uni-kitty
I think I broke Eevee (though she wriggled out of this a few seconds later). It's supposed to be a shark fin but looks more like a 3rd ear (and an elf ear, at that) - I may rip it out & try again. But for now, cue the Jaws music anyway.
Eevee, shark (or extra special cat with a third ear that looks borrowed from an elf – I may re-knit the shark fin)

Knitting Memes

It’s Monday so why not post some knitting memes? I saw the first one last week on Facebook and couldn’t stop myself from making the rest. Of course I think they’re all funny and giggled to myself the whole time I was making them; I hope you LOL too – it’s a great way to start the week.




chopstick knitting-needlesmeme